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A Message from 
Jon Kyoto

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Sound of Tomorrow

In my experience, the greatest art is created through hardship, heartbreak and collaboration. We've all been dealt some of the bad in 2020. But it was also the beginning of a new Era.

Kyoto Sound.

Being an underdog myself, I am always rooting for the underdogs. My wish is simple: to give back to the culture and unite the best underground talents in the world so they are heard. So that when we leave one day we can all be proud to have contributed something to advance the sound. 

Kyoto Sound is an initiative built like a collective. It's more of a bridge than a destination, connecting you to fans around the world who live for the soundtracks you make to their lives. Connecting you to the best talent in the world to collaborate with. Connecting you to other people on the planet like you to talk shop with for those long nights in the lab working on a session.

I do this for the kid in the basement with so much talent who might not know how to go from point A to point B.

I do this for the the kid outside the tight knit circle with a gem on her hands but won't ever receive a fair shot.

I do this for the kid making amazing music in his bedroom with no fancy equipment, just a chisel and a hammer.

I do this for the Sound.

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